Contingency Theory

Theorists like Selznik, Burns and Stalker, Woodward, Lawrence and Lorsch, Thomson were the principal developers of this theory. According to

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The Universalistic theory

This is recounted with the term “best practice” and “high performance work practices”, and its underlying assumptions or arguments may

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Matching model of Human Resource Management

Second HRM model i.e. matching model was developed by Fombrun, Tichy, and Devanna’ in Michigan school. Matching model ensures way

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What does human resource development mean? 

It signifies identifying and developing the capabilities inherent in every citizen to its full extent. Health and education for a

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Harvard Analytical Framework Theory

When tracing the definitive origin of the HRM and its theory, it becomes an elusive exercise since the literature in

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Commonwealth of Nations

Formerly called the British Commonwealth It is an intergovernmental organisation of 53 member states that were mostly territories of the former British Empire HQ : London Mozambique and Rwanda are

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