Barriers to Effective Training

  1. Lack of Management commitment
  2. Inadequate Training budget
  3. Education degrees lack skills
  4. Large scale poaching of trained staff
  5. Non-coordination from workers due to downsizing trends
  6. Employers and B Schools operating distantly
  7. Unions influence.
  8. A failure to identify the specific needs of learners and for learners to own their own development needs
  9. Objectives set by trainers, rather than the learners
  10. Little acceptance by learners of the need to take responsibility for their own development
  11. Constraints of time for preparation and participation in learning events
  12. A failure to follow through learning beyond an event or course
  13. Failing to achieve high value via transfer of the learning
  14. Treating all evenly.
  15. Lack of proper feedback and practice.

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