Contribution of organizational theories to Human Resource Management

There had been a great influence from organizational theories to HRM theories. These organizational theories evolve from the inception of industrial revolution. Man and machine relationship, welfare programmes for worker categories, origin and development of the discipline of social sciences, recognition of the dignity of labour and human qualities, industrial relations and disputes, rules and regulations, labour laws and acts, influence of democracy and governments ushered for the origin, growth of organizational theories as well as for the development of HRM theories. The historical development of organizational theories and the proponent of those theories are given as- 

The modem HRM has evolved and developed through a number of significant organizational theories too. These management theories have been known as organizational theories. Therefore, these theories and models, including their pioneering contributors are described below since the other theories and models which are applied in HRM have already been discussed. These organizational theories have direct influence for deriving later theories of HRM. These theories are

1. The Classical School/Scientific Management

2. Bureaucracy
3. The Human relations school
4. The Behavioural science school
5. The System theory


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