Ethical approach

  • It implies concern for people, and organizational ethics.
  • The ethical approach is shared with work ethics of the personnel serving in the organization.
  • Human resource has to be acquainted with certain staff qualities and norms through proper induction, orientation and CPD programmes.
  • Both staff and organizational qualities and norms are anticipated.
  • It is believed to be that Japanese companies both in the East and West preoccupied with an organizational environment in this nature.
  • Language tones, mannerisms, used by the staff and their behaviours, attitudes, mutual respect, kindness, self-help and other human qualities are to be highly preserved.
  • Winstranley and Stuart- Smith suggest four ethical principles.
  • They are
  1. respect for the individual
  2. procedural fairness
  3. mutual respect
  4. transparency, management and employees.


  • Some kind of behavioural qualities, manners, and work ethics system are expected in managing human resource in this approach.
  • Therefore this approach could be designated as normative theory of HRM.
  • This theory designates the normative environment at work place which means that there is a self-guided force in operation.

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