Forms can occur in three altitudinal classes


ranging from the surface to 2000m. These can be stratus or cumulus. Stratus clouds appear dull, grey, and featureless. When they yield precipitation, they are called nimbostratus. Cumulus clouds on the other hand appear bright and puffy like heap of grinned cotton. They float in varied forms. Vertically developed cumulus cloud can reach up to great heights beyond low middle and high altitudes. When they cause rain they are called cumulonimbus clouds. These look like anvil shaped and they causes thunder and lightning and torrential rainfall.

  Middle:

stratus and cumulus clouds in the range of 2000m to 6000m come under this category. They are denoted by a prefix alto. They contain both water droplets as well as ice crystals.

  High:

they lie beyond 6000m. They contain only ice crystals. These are whispy filaments, usually white except when coloured during sun rise and sunset, are termed as cirrus.

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