Geography Test- 05


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#1 Which of the following are true regarding Mediterranean climate? 1. It is present on all continents except Antarctica. 2. Westerly winds and cyclonic storms dominate in winter. 3. It is located on western margins of continents between 40-60 degree latitudes. 4. Rainfall is concentrated in winters. Select the correct answer using code below?Solution (b)

  • Mediterranean climate is located around Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Other areas include central and southern California, central Chile, the southern tip of Africa and southwestern corners of Australia.
  • All locations are centered at 35-degree latitude on western sides of continents.
  • Summers are dry due to dry, stable and subsiding air from subtropical highs.
  • In winters, the wind and pressure belts shift equatorward and these regions come under influence of westerlies along with their midlatitude cyclones.
  • Almost entire precipitation comes from these storms.

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#2 Which of the following countries are a part of the Horn of Africa? 1. Djibouti 2. Ethiopia 3. Somalia 4. Eritrea. Select the correct answer using code below?Solution (d)

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#3 Consider the following statements 1. It is a hot and dusty wind. 2. It blows from Sahara towards the West African coast. 3. During winters, it provides relief from moist heat. Which of the following winds best describes the statements above??Solution (c)

Harmattan is a hot, dry and dusty wind that blows from Sahara towards West African coast (Guinea coast). In winters, it provides welcome relief from the moist heat and is thus called ‘the doctor’ .

Due to abundant dust, it impedes river navigation and may damage crops. It is also injurious to health.

Image result for Local winds (hot and cold)- map


#4 Which of the following are tributaries of River Kaveri? 1. Hemavati 2. Bhavani 3. Indravati 4. Kabini. Select the correct answer using code below?Solution (b)

Tributaries of Kaveri include Hemavati, Harangi, Kabini, Bhavani, Shimsha, Amaravati and Noyyal.

Kaveri is the largest river in Tamil Nadu.

Image result for River Kaveri basin


#5 Which of the following processes contributed in the evolution of present day atmosphere? 1. Degassing 2. Solar winds 3. Photosynthesis 4. Differentiation of earth material according to density. Select the correct answer using code below?Solution (b)

  • There are three stages in the evolution of the present atmosphere.
  • The first stage is marked by the loss of primordial atmosphere by solar winds.
  • In the second stage, the hot interior of the earth contributed to the evolution of the atmosphere through degassing (A process through which the gases were outpoured from the interior) .
  • Continuous volcanic eruptions contributed water vapour and gases to the atmosphere.
  • Finally, the composition of the atmosphere was modified by the living world through the process of photosynthesis.

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