Gurukul Kendra

” Gurukul Kendra is a platform where quality content is shared for free”. 

1.Why for Free?

Because education is everyone’s right and it should reach to millions.

2. How to use Gurukul Kendra?

If you are doing any course, refer its textbook only and in case of any doubt…search as example-“constitution, gurukul kendra” all result will appear before you.

3. What if you wont find your solution OR your query still unsolved?

Drop your email, mention your query to get it resolved.

4. Books Sale, Is income for Gurukul Kendra?

No. Because authors can directly sale their book through Gurukul Kendra BUT Gurukul Kendra will not charge a penny from them. So, that Authors can directly sale at lowest possible cost and alternatively students can buy at lowest possible cost.

5. Who are beneficial from this platform?

All level students using NCERT, UPSC- Civil Services Preparation Aspirants, Commerce Students, etc

6. Who can become Member?

Any person who are desirous to share knowledge are also welcome.

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