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#1 Lucknow pact of 1916 is known for the agreement between-?Ans-b

  • In 1916 at Lucknow, both the Congress and Muslim League signed a pact known as the Lucknow Pact, and put forward common political demands before the Government including the demand for self- government for India after the war.
  • The Pact accepted separate electorates and the system of weightage and reservation of seats for the minorities in the legislatures.
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#2 The aim of Rowlatt Act was?Ans- c

  • In March 1919, the government passed the Rowlatt Act even though every single Indian member of the Central Legislative Council opposed it.
  • It aimed at severely curtailing the civil liberties of Indians in the name of curbing terrorist violence.
  • Thus, this Act authorised the Government to imprison any person without trial and conviction in a court of law.
  • The Act would thus also enable the government to suspend the right of Habeas corpus which had been the foundation of civil liberties in Britain.
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#3 With reference to the history of Indian National Movement, who among the following was the first Indian to start an agitation for political reform??Ans- b

  • Raja Rammohan Roy was the first Indian to start an agitation for political reform.
  • He advocated the substitution of English in place of Persian language in courts of law, employment of Indian personnel in civil services, separation of offices of judges and revenue commissioners.
  • He also suggested consultation with Indian public before enactment of law in the country.
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#4 With reference to Indian National movement, the famous Safety valve theory is associated with which of the following??Ans- A

The safety valve theory is that the Indian National Congress was started by A.O. Hume and others under the official direction, guidance and advice of Lord Dufferin, the Viceroy, to provide a safe, mild, peaceful, and constitutional outlet or safety valve for the rising discontent among the masses, which was inevitably leading towards a popular and violent revolution.

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#5 Which of the following newspapers were started by Mahatma Gandhi? 1… Young India 2… New India 3…Indian Opinion. 
 Select the correct answer using the code given below.?Ans-c

  • In 1903, in South Africa, Gandhi started a weekly newspaper, Indian Opinion.
  • From India Gandhi continued supporting Indian Opinion all his life by providing regular editorial materials and moral and financial support.
  • In 1919, Gandhi started two weeklies in India, Young India and Navjivan.
  • In 1933, Gandhiji added a third weekly, Harijan(which means ‘the children of God’)
  • In early 1915, Annie Besant launched a campaign through her two papers, New India and Commonweal, and organized public meetings and conferences to demand that India be granted self-government on the lines of the White colonies after the War.

Trick- M= Mahatma Gandhi not liked N= New India

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