Kashmir Himalayas

  Sprawling over the area of 3,50,000 sqkm in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

  It is 700km in length and 500km in width.

  It contains Trans Himalayas and part of Greater Himalayas and Lesser Himalayas in South.

  Special feature of these Himalayas is the Karewa soil found in Kashmir Valley and Bhadarwa Valley of Jammu. (Note: Karewa is found only in these two places and nowhere else in India.)

  Karewas are lacustrine (lake) deposits are fit for cultivation of saffron (kesar/Zafran) and orchards of apple, peach, almonds, walnuts and apricot.

  Kashmir Himalayas has highest number of glaciers including Siachin (the highest battle field of the world)

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