Northern Fertile Plains

  It is an aggradational plain formed by the alluvial deposits brought down by Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers and their tributaries.

  It is a flat regular transition zone between the Siwaliks in the North and Peninsular plateau in the South. It is separated from Siwaliks by Himalayan Front Fault (HFF).

  The plain stretches for about 2400 km from West to East and it has varying width from about 500 km in Punjab to 90 km in Assam.

  The depth of these sediments is not fully known but they are deepest near Ambala in Punjab. There the depth of these sediments is around 8000 m.

  The plains are remarkably homogenous with little variation in relief features for hundreds of kilometers. Because of this there is frequent flooding in the plains by the rivers.

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