Prelims-IAS –HISTORY MCQ Ans-01



  • ANS-C
  • The Portuguese were intolerant and fanatic in religious matters. They used to perform forced conversion in India.


  • ANS-D


  • ANS-A
  • Owing to crown ownership of land, according to Bernier, the landholders could not pass on their land to their children.
  • According to Bernier, many kinds of towns existed during the Mughals like trading towns, port towns,pilgrimage towns, etc.Their existence is an indicator of the prosperity of the merchant & professional classes.
  • However, since the profits were appropriated by the State, the artisans had no motivation to improve the quality of their manufactures . Thus, manufacturing declined & the artisans became very poor.


  • ANS-D
  • First Carnatic war was the echo of the Anglo-French struggle in Europe, not the second Carnatic war.
  • The civil war of succession to the thrones of Hyderabad and Carnatic provided the opportunity to the French and the English to interfere in their internal affairs which led to the second carnatic war.
  • Third Carnatic war ended with the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760 in which the British defeated the French.


  • ANS-A
  • Marathas lacked outlook and programme necessary for founding an all India empire.
  • Maratha sardars lacked unity and often clashed with each other.
  • Maratha power had no dearth of able commander and statesmen but the real reason for their failure was lack of unity among Maratha sardars, they did not hesitate to join the hands with enemies be they the Nizams, the Mughal or the English.

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