Prelims-IAS –HISTORY MCQ Ans-03



  • ANS-A
  • 3rd battle of Panipat give an opportunity to British East India Company to consolidate its power in Bengal & South India.
  • In fact it decided who would not rule India instead of who was to rule India.
  • Ahamad Shah Abdali was not benefited by victory, even he could not hold the Punjab for short time.
  • Mughals were already on decline due to repeated invasions of Ahmad shah Abdali & also Mughals fought 3rd battle of panipat from the side of marathas who were the loosing side in the battle.
  • Tipu sultan became active in 1782 while 3rd battle of Panipat took place in 1761. 


  • ANS-D
  • All the three options were the weaknesses which led to downfall of Marathas.
  • Marathas majorly failed to give good administration outside Maharashtra.
  • The Marathas interfered in the internal affaires of Rajput, Awadh, Sikh & Jats levying huge fine & tributes upon them.
  • Thus, at the time of 3rd battle of Panipat none of them came forward to help them.
  • During the process of conquest the Maratha sardars often clashed with one another. If the central authority tried to control them too strictly, they did not hesitate to join hands with the enemies.


  • ANS-D


  • ANS-D
  • Marathas re-captured Delhi and restored their power in North India by 1771 under Peshwa Madhavrao.


  • ANS-C

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