1. Consider the following statements regarding Constituent Assembly of India:
1. Members of Constituent Assembly were directly elected by members of Provincial Legislative Assemblies.
2. Representation was not provided to the Princely States of India.
3. The seats in each Province were distributed among the three main communities, Muslims, Sikhs and general, in proportion to their respective populations.
Which of the above statements are correct?

a)  1 and 2 .   b)  2 and 3 .   c)  3 only .   d)  All of the above


2. After Independence India followed the idea of Universal Adult Suffrage. What is the meaning of Universal Adult Suffrage?

a)  All adults are given the right to vote without discrimination of caste, colour, race, gender or occupation.
b)  All adults of the country will have to suffer in the same way as the country is suffering.
c)  Fundamental rights can be curtailed by the Government in case of a National Emergency.
d)  Only male adult members of the country have the right to contest for elections.

3.  Which of the following are correct differences between Fundamental Rights and Other Rights available to us?

1. While ordinary legal rights are protected and enforced by ordinary law, Fundamental Rights are protected and guaranteed by the constitution
2. Ordinary rights may be changed by the legislature by ordinary process of law making, but a fundamental right may only be changed by amending the Constitution
Select the code from following:
a)  1 only .        b)  2 only            c)  Both 1 and 2               d)  Both 1 and 2


4. Which of the following statements are correct regarding Indian law

a)  An accused is not considered guilty till the court has found he is guilty

b)  An accused is considered guilty till he proves in court that he is not guilty

c)  An accused can be indefinitely kept for interrogation by police without presented before a magistrate.

d)  None of the above

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