Preparation of Accounting Vouchers

  • Accounting vouchers may be classified as cash vouchers, debit vouchers, credit vouchers, journal vouchers, etc.
  • There is no set format of accounting vouchers.
  • These must be preserved in any case till the audit of the accounts and tax assessments for the relevant period are completed.
  • Now a days, accounting is computerised and the necessary accounting vouchers showing the code number and name of the accounts to be debited and credited are prepared for the purpose of necessary recording of transactions.
  • A transaction with one debit and one credit is a simple transaction and the accounting vouchers prepared for such transaction is known as Transaction Voucher
  • Voucher which records a transaction that entails multiple debits/credits and one credit/debit is called compound voucher.
  • Compound voucher may be: (a) Debit Voucher or (b) Credit Voucher.
  • Transactions with multiple debits and multiple credits are called complex transactions and the accounting voucher prepared for such transaction is known as Complex Voucher/ Journal Vouch.
  •  The design of the accounting vouchers depends upon the nature, requirement and convenience of the business.
  • There is no set format of an accounting voucher.
  • To distinguish various vouchers, different colour papers and different fonts of printing are used.
  • A accounting voucher must contain the following essential elements :

• It is written on a good quality paper;

• Name of the firm must be printed on the top;

• Date of transaction is filled up against the date and not the date of recording of transaction is to be mentioned;

• The number of the voucher is to be in a serial order;

• Name of the account to be debited or credited is mentioned; 

• Debit and credit amount is to be written in figures against the amount;

• Description of the transaction is to be given account wise;

• The person who prepares the voucher must mention his name along with signature; and

• The name and signature of the authorised person are mentioned on the voucher.


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