Relationship between an organism and environment

􏰀  The relationship is highly complex.

􏰀  Each organism’s environment consists of other organisms as well.

􏰀  An organism cannot survive without interacting with other organisms.

􏰀  Everything which is needed for our survival or interaction forms part of environment.

􏰀  Environment is dynamic and not static.

􏰀  For example – environment of a fish in pond.

External environment

􏰂  Abiotic components – temperature, light, water with nutrients rich, oxygen dissolved.

􏰂  Biotic components – Planktons, aquatic plants and animals.

TRICK of Biotic-
Non Green Plants
Green Plants

Ex- External environment of Fish

Internal environment

􏰂  Outer body surface

􏰂  Stable than external environment but not absolutely constant. Injury etc. upsets the internal environment.

􏰂  If a marine fish is transferred to fresh water environment, it will not be able to survive.

Ex- Internal environment of Fish

Image result for external environment of fish

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