South Deccan

The South Deccan consists of three parts – Karnataka Plateau, Telangana Plateau and Tamil Nadu Uplands.

Karnataka Plateau –

  The plateau spans in the state of Karnataka and the Cannanore and Kozhikode district of Kerala.

  The plateau has an average elevation of 600 – 900 m.

  The Northern upland of Karnataka plateau is called Malnad while the Southern part is called Maidan.

  It is drained by Kaveri and Tungabhadra rivers.

The Telangana Plateau –

  The plateau of Telangana consists of Dharwar and Cuddapah rock formations.

  Hyderabad is situated on Telangana plateau.

The Tamil Nadu uplands –

  This lies between the South Sahyadris and Tamil Nadu coastal plains.

  It is largely covered by Archean Rocks. At places there are Cuddapah and Alluvial Formations.

  Between Coimbatore and Annamalai, there is a broad gap, known as Palakkad Gap. This is about 25 km wide and connects Kerala coast and Tamil Nadu highlands.

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