The System Theory

Mitchell” indicates that system theory was firstly introduced by Von Bertalanffy. System is a set of interrelated parts (subsystems). Each

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The Behavioural Science Theory

This school is one of the advancements of the human relations school which believes the behaviour of the people who

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The Human relations Theory

In managing human resources, the human relations are stronger than strict rules and regulations. The scale of attention and the

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Bureaucracy Theory

Weber was the founder of this model. The term bureaucracy has been interpreted by three connotations in management literature ‘red

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The Classical School OR Scientific Management

Taylor\ Fayol, Urwick\ Gilbreth”, Gantt,” believed more informal organizations are important than tight control and tight supervision instead they applied

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Contribution of organizational theories to Human Resource Management

There had been a great influence from organizational theories to HRM theories. These organizational theories evolve from the inception of

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Stakeholder approach Theory

Stakeholder approach is required which that an organization is a community of interests, all of whom should be identified and

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