Temperate Rainforest Biome

  • Temperate rain forests receive an annual precipitation of 200 cm, mostly due to on shore westerlies.
  • Precipitation occurs in the form of fog, rain as ac as snow. Fog is quite common and is an important source of water.


  • This biome covers small area.
  • Northwestern coast of North America from northern California though southern Alaska.
  • There are also small areas in southern Chile, New Zealand, Australia and a few other places around the world.

Natural Vegetation

  • Big coniferous trees dominate this habitat, including Douglas fir, Western red cedar, Mountain hemlock, Western hemlock, Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine.
  • In addition to the trees, mosses and lichens are very common, often growing as epiphytes.
  • Grizzly Bears are the common mammals found in Alaska.

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