Transaction in which any one or more of the given criteria is not fulfilled, be still considered as supply under GST or not

  • Yes.
  • Under certain circumstances such as import of services
  • for a consideration
  • whether or not in the course or furtherance of business (Section 7(1) (b)) or
  • supplies made without consideration,
  • specified under Schedule-I of CGST /SGST Act,
  • where one or more ingredients specified as-
  • In order to constitute a ‘supply’, the following elements are required to be satisfied, i.e.- (i) the activity involves supply of goods or services or both; (ii) the supply is for a consideration unless otherwise specifically provided for; (iii) the supply is made in the course or furtherance of business; (iv) t h e supply is made in the taxable territory; (v) the supply is a taxable supply; and (vi)the supply is made by a taxable person.
  • are not satisfied, it shall still be treated as supply for levy of GST

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