Tropical Deciduous Biome [Monsoon Climate]

  • Unlike equatorial wet climate, monsoon climate is characterized by distinct wet and dry seasons associated with seasonal reversal of winds.
  • Floods in wet season and droughts in dry season are common.
  • Usually there are three seasons namely summer, winter and rainy season.


  • Monthly mean temperatures above 18 °C.
  • Temperatures range from 30-45° C in summer.
  • In winters, temperature range is 15-30° C with mean temperature around 20-25° C. 



  • Annual mean rainfall ranges from 200-
  • 250 cm. In some regions it is around 350 cm.
  • Places like Cherrapunji & Mawsynram receive an annual rainfall of about 1000 cm.

Tropical Monsoon Forests

  Also known as drought-deciduous

  forest; dry forest; dry-deciduous forest; tropical deciduous forest.

  Teak, neem, bamboos, sal, shisham, sandalwood, khair, mulberry are some of the important species found here.


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