Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests

  • They are transitional forest between tropical wet evergreen forests and tropical deciduous forests.
  • They are comparatively drier areas compared to tropical wet evergreen forests.


Climatic Conditions

  • Annual rainfall is 200-250 cm.
  • Mean annual temperature varies from 24°C to 27°C.
  • The relative humidity is about 75 per cent.
  • The dry season is not short like in tropical evergreen forests.



  • Western coast
  • Assam
  • Lower slopes of the Eastern Himalayas
  • Odisha and Andamans.



  • The semi-evergreen forests are less dense.
  • They are more gregarious (living in flocks or colonies – more pure stands) than the wet evergreen forests.
  • These forests are characterized by many species.
  • Trees usually have buttressed trunks with abundant epiphytes.
  • The important species are laurel, rosewood, mesua, thorny bamboo – Western Ghats, white cedar, Indian chestnut, champa, mango, etc. – Himalayan region.



  • Hardwood: Similar to that in tropical
  • evergreen forests except that these forests are less dense with more pure stands (timber industry here is better than in evergreen forests).


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