Types of Rainfall

On the basis of mode of occurrence, the rainfall can be classified into three categories:

  Convectional rainfall:Image result for Types of Rainfall

  • it occurs in the areas of intense heat and abundant moisture.
  • Solar radiation is the main source of heat to produce convectional currents in air.
  • The belt of doldrums and equatorial region generally records this type of rainfall.
  • This type of rainfall is not much effective for crops as most of the water is drained off in the form of surface drainage.

  Orographic rainfall:Related image

  • This type of rainfall occurs from vertical uplift of an air stream by the topographic barriers.
  • This type of rainfall occurs on the windward side of the mountain ranges.
  • On windward side also the amount of rainfall starts decreasing after certain height.

  Cyclonic or frontal rainfall:

Related image

  • cyclonic rainfall occurs when deep and extensive air masses converge and move upward which lead to their adiabatic cooling.

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