What is GSP (GST Suvidha Provider)?

  • GST System will provide a GST portal for taxpayers to access the GST System and do all the GST compliance activities.
  • But there will be wide variety of tax payers (SME, Large Enterprise, Micro Enterprise etc.) which may require different kind of facilities like converting their purchase/sales register data in GST compliant format, Integration of their Accounting Packages/ERP with GST System etc., various kind of dashboards to view Matched/Mismatched ITC claims, Tax liability, Filing status etc.
  • As invoice level filing is required, so large organizations may require an automated way to interact with GST system as it may be practically impossible for them to upload large number of invoices through a web portal.
  • So an eco-system is required, which can help such taxpayers in GST compliance.
  • As Tax payer convenience will be the key to success of GST regime, this eco-system will also provide Tax payer options of using third party applications, which can provide different kind of interfaces on desktop/mobile for them to be GST compliant.
  • All above reasons require an eco-system of third party service providers, who have access to GST System and capability to develop such applications.
  • These service providers have been given a generic name, GST Suvidha Providers or GSP. 

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